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Oct 23, 2011 6:30pm EDT
overnight. >> it can happen to the best of us. >> police say marshall and her boyfriend were hit by a man after 1:00rong way a.m. this morning. that hit them was in theng southbound northbound lane in route -- on route 301. they were hit head-on. the wrong way driver, a pennsylvania resident, was at the hospital. it is not yet known if drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. next-door neighbors say marshall worked at the pentagon. he hopes that former kids' that she pulls through. >> it is sad to hear. >>> we are following developing where thef turkey, survivors is underway a powerful earthquake today. magnitude earthquake eastern turkey this morning. people have been declared dead. hundreds more injured. authorities fear the death toll will rise. >>> a comment by vice president biden is causing speculation. the vice president says he is running forut in 2016. he says he will make up his mind matter later. he has run for president twice before. he will be 73 by election day 2016. the vice president says he is in best shape of his life. >>> turning from politics to contexton's other b
Oct 9, 2011 6:30pm EDT
of d.c. >> and good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm rebecca cooper. it was a week of dramatic showdowns in the district. first a confrontation between demonstrators and smithsonian police forced a shutdown. a protestor got in trouble with authorities after allegedly throwing his shoes at them. many are vowing they will remain. we are live with the latest. >> rebecca there is one more battle brewing because as you said that permit that was issued by the national park service that allows these protestors to be here at freedom plaza is set to expire. you can see that they are still completely operational. these people have no intention of going anywhere any time soon. they say if a showdown happens so be it because it wouldn't be the first this weekend. the youtube video shows exactly what protestors say they didn't want to happen. what was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration turned ugly after a woman got knocked to the ground. >> people were trying to keep the doors open, go in there and help her get out. that's the part that i witnes
Oct 30, 2011 6:30pm EDT
. >> the u.s. military may be on a new mission when the iraq war is over. they will bolster their presence in the gulf after drawing out their troops. after that, they may beef up forces in kuwait. a political ad for a republican presidential candidate herman caine. you may have seen that. mark glock dragging on a cigarette after saying caine is a different candidate. >> we have run a campaign like nobody has seen. we need you to be involved, because together, we can take this country back. >> earlier caine defended the ad. >> one theme in this campaign is let herman be herman. martin block is a smoker. let mark be mark. >> he says it was not encouraging people to smoke. he is a cancer survivor who says people shouldn't smoke. yesterday's storm was a day to remmeber but for some, it turned into a nightmare. jet blue is apologizing for passengers who were stranded lrunning out of food and water and the bathrooms were disgusting. >> this airport is leaving us here and not doing anything. >> power is in and out. bathrooms are locked. >> firefighters took them off the plane, and jet blue is of
Oct 2, 2011 6:30pm EDT
us. fall has arrived in a big way across the d.c. area. abc7 news was in arlington today where people broke out the jackets to get from here to there. just a couple days ago it was shorts and t-shirt weather. today a much different story as temperatures didn't budge much past 50 degrees. weather also too windy to get back to work on the washington monument today. inspection crews stayed off the structure the day after a worker got blown around on the monument. the national park service will decide tomorrow whether it's safe to climate back up there to look for earthquake damage. check on just how low the temperature will go. meteorologist is in the weather sent earn has our first check. steve, we have been talking about it all night. chilly out there. >> cold, cold day. last time it was this cold on this date was back in 1939. the official high now goes down at 52 degrees. reagan national airport. look at temperatures outside at this hour now down to 48 degrees. manassa at 48 and winchester 46. doppler radar, yes, we have more rain on the rain lat
Oct 16, 2011 6:30pm EDT
over us. gates inat outside the the streets. enjoy the still experience. >> it is reminiscent of the day than 48 years ago. >> we wondered what it felt like he gave his original "i have a dream" speech. and music, ithes reverend king's turn. >> i have grandchildren and it touched my heart again. >> we are free at last! >> there was one disappointment today. the memorial was closed to the of tightcause security. it will reopen tomorrow. a firell to come, investigation. bars afterbehind allegedly setting a fast-moving manassas. we will have the latest. >> it was a our 4 new rich & hearty soups really have people talking... [ guy ] ring, ring. hold on a sec... progresso... i loveour new loaded potato with bacon. that's what we like to hear. where was i? oh right... our rich & hearty soups.. people love the thick cut carrots... we do too! where was i? progresso. right, our new rich & hearty soups... [ ring, ring ] progresso... switch our phone service? [ ring, ring ] [ ring, ring ], i think we're pretty happy with our phones. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste thi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5